Welcome to the MK Jumpstart Program !

I am super excited for you! Get ready to see and feel an amazing difference in your body, mindset, confidence and the way you look.

Your journey begins now!

This is your Exclusive, Private Access, Members-Only site where all of your weight loss tools, resources and support can be found.  Make sure to bookmark this page so you can easily open as needed.

If you haven’t already joined, here is the link to access our private Facebook Group, where you’ll connect with others and myself. This is the perfect place to ask your questions and get support.

PLEASE NOTE: This program is not to be shared. Do not share access to this page.  You have invested in this program as I have invested in creating it especially for you.  My team and I ask that you honor that. Let’s keep this exclusive to those who invested in themselves with this program and who fully participate.  Let’s create and keep good karma in here!



All your materials are available to you immediately. The MK Jumpstart Program is designed to be done over 6 weeks. You’ll receive emails throughout the 6 weeks, leading you through the process so you know exactly what to do when.

You have life time access to these materials so it’s OK if you fall behind. Catch up when you can.


All handouts are available now. I recommend you follow the program as it was designed, one week at a time. The worksheets and guides are your handbook. I recommend you save them to your computer in a folder to reference as needed. I also suggest you print them and put them in a pretty binder to create your very own “MK Jumpstart” handbook to bring with you.

VIP Coaching

Click here to be brought to your Exclusive Facebook Membership page to receive VIP coaching daily from me, continued support from my team, additional tips, resources and homework, and to connect with your fellow New MK Jumpstart Ladies;) THIS IS YOUR GO-TO HUB where the action is! USE IT! Click here.


All calls are provided for you immediately. Please listen and follow one each week. You have them for life, so listen to them as often as you need.

Tell me how excited you are & get connected!